General Information

Among the very diverse biological applications of cold atmospheric plasmas, plasma therapeutics is now entering in a new phase with more and more case studies and clinical trials associated with many in vitro and in vivo studies. In this context, good interactions between Plasma Physicists and Biologists and Medical doctors are of primary importance, but limited knowledges in the 'other' field are often a drag for good collaborations. The acquisition of basic elements from both sides must help a lot.

The Summer School on Plasma Medicine is dedicated to Plasma Physicist 'Beginners' in biology and for Biologist and Medical doctors "Beginners" in Plasma physics. The aim is to acquire

- simple notions of biology and main treated diseases for Plasma Physicists
- simple notions of plasma physics for Biologists and Medical doctors

in a common series of lectures dedicated for the beginners of both great domains. The lecturers will pay attention to give easy access presentations for non-experts. A large place will be given for the questions and also for the exchanges between the participants. The lectures will be 75 minutes long, including questions, and will cover elements of plasma physics, plasma diagnostics, biology from cells to diseases, diagnostics and methods in biology, and, in some points, present the plasma proposed solutions.

The school is organized by the International Society for Plasma Medicine (ISPM) and is open for academics (all levels) and for colleagues from industry.

phone: +421 2 60295 618 (Z. Machala)
phone: +421 2 60295 676 (K. Hensel)