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A Set of PHP Scripts for the Calculation of EEDFs.


results from the simulations in N2-CO2 mixture (2007/08/20)
update of Help/Software Requirements (2007/08/20)
version 0.2.2 released (2005/04/20)


Web-EEDF is a set of PHP scripts for the calculation and analysis of electron energy destribution functions (EEDFs) as well as several other parameters (e.g. electron drift velocity, electron collision frequency with neutrals, rate coefficients of processes resulting from electron collisions with neutral species,...) in weakly ionized high pressure low temperature plasmas.

Web-EEDF simulates Monte Carlo dynamics of a single electron during a defined number of cycles under the influence of homogeneous electric field. Its algorithm is based on the algorithm developed by Marnix A. Tas and his co-workers [Tas95].
I have made only several changes in this algorithm, but I am still working on it and I plan to do much more changes, among them, I would like to add capability to observe development of EEDF in time, and its relaxation.

Web-EEDF is written in an open-source general-purpose scripting language PHP. Besides, I use MySQL database server for the storage of final results and for cross-sections.
For easier manipulation with used MySQL databases I have incorporated in Web-EEDF script WizMySQLAdmin created by Marco Avidano, Powered by Wiz's Shell.

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