Dear colleagues and members of the ISPM,

On behalf of the International Society for Plasma Medicine (ISPM), and the local organizing committee of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University in Bratislava, we are delighted to welcome you at the 6th International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM-6), held in Bratislava, Slovakia, from September 4 to 9, 2016.

Plasma Medicine is a new, rapidly growing field that faces many technological challenges and brings to the forefront fundamental questions on the mechanisms of interaction between living organisms and gas plasmas. The conference creates a multidisciplinary forum bringing together professionals from the fields of plasma physics, medicine, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy, agriculture, and food science and industry, in order to develop a common language, to better define key challenges and open questions, to further development of international collaborations, and to move toward effective solutions.

The ISPM board and international scientific committee invited key experts to introduce this multidisciplinary field and present their recent progress and show the exciting new developments. Besides plenary, we will have two parallel sessions with invited lectures and short oral presentations and three big poster sessions in the afternoons. Plasma Medicine Award (PMA) for lifetime achievements in the field of the plasma medicine will be traditionally handed over during the conference dinner. Also, traditional Young Researcher Presentation Awards (YRPA) will be awarded to young researchers for the most outstanding oral or poster presentation at ICPM-6. Starting this ICPM edition, the ISPM established the new Early Career Award in Plasma Medicine (ECAPM) that will be awarded to early-career researchers who made a significant contribution to the advancement in the field of Plasma Medicine. For the first time, the ICPM is preceded by the Summer School on Plasma Medicine, organized by the previous president of ISPM, Dr. Jean-Michel Pouvesle, and held in Bratislava on September 1-3, 2016.

The ICPM-6 website will guide you through the detailed rich program of ICPM-6, both scientific and social, including a great selection of conference trips and trips for accompanying persons. The website also provide valuable information on the conference venue and travel information.

Let us thank the ISPM board and all LOC members for helping us in the organization of this conference, the sponsors for their support, and of course all of you, for your active participation. Be very welcome to Bratislava, one of the pearls on the Danube river and quickly developing metropoles in the Central Europe. Please enjoy the ICPM-6 with all the multidisciplinary-scientific, as well as social-collaborative aspects and have a good late-summer time in Bratislava!

Zdenko MACHALA and Karol HENSEL
Chairmen of ICPM-6

e-mail: info@icpm6.com
phone: +421 2 60295 618 (Z. Machala)
phone: +421 2 60295 676 (K. Hensel)