Division of Environmental Physics

Division of Environmental Physics represents a part of the Department of Astronomy, Physics of the Earth and Meteorology at Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University Bratislava.

The interests and scientific research of our work group includes basic study of plasma physics and physics of electrical discharges, their utilization on various bio-medical applications (bio-decontamination of water and surfaces, ...), and treatment of gaseous and liquid pollutants. Besides, we also deal with other, non-plasmatic, technologies for utilization of organic waste, depollution of exhaust gases, and alternative sources of energy (hydrogen, wind and solar).

Members of our division participate also in the education process at our faculty. We are involved in several study programs: environmental physics, bio-physics, optics and plasma physics. More precisely, we are mainly responsible for the master's degree study program Environmental Physics, Renewable Energy Sources, and Meteorology and Climatology .

The issues of energy, environment and global climate change are currently the key challenges for humanity. The study program has an interdisciplinary character at the interface of various physics disciplines overlapping with other science disciplines. In addition to the common basics, the study program allows for specialization in environmental physics and renewable energy sources or in meteorology and climatology.


The division of environmental physics was established in 2004, i.e. in the same year when Department of Astronomy, Physics of the Earth and Meteorology was formed. The first head of the environmental physics division was Marcela MORVOVÁ. In 2015 she was replaced by Zdenko MACHALA. The current head of the environmental physics division is Karol HENSEL (since 2021).