New journal paper

Mir S. and Kooshki S.: Innovative Method for Water-in-Oil Emulsion Treatment Using Atmospheric Nonthermal-Plasma Technology, Langmuir 39 (103287), 14459−14473 (2023).
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New project

Plasma-liquid interactions and the effects/applications of plasma activated water in medicine and agriculture
APVV-22-0247 - Slovak Research and Development Agency
Principal investigator: Machala, Z. ; duration: 2023-2027

New events

November 2023: Excursion to water power plant in Gabčíkovo

October 2023: Head of our division Karol Hensel attended INSPEDADM conference in La Rochelle, France.

September 2023: We presented our research at European Researchers' Night in Bratislava.

September 2023: Aleksandra Lavrikova succesfully represented our team at Falling Lab Walls Slovakia competition.

September 2023: Two our colleagues, Zdenko Machala and Karol Hensel attended Plathinium meeting.