New journal paper

Lavrikova A., Dadi N. C. T., Bujdáková H., Hensel K.: Inactivation pathways of E. coli and S. aureus induced by transient spark discharge in liquids, Plasma Process. Polym. 21 (1), e2300147, 14 pp (2024), (2024).
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New project

Plasma-liquid interactions and the effects/applications of plasma activated water in medicine and agriculture
APVV-22-0247 - Slovak Research and Development Agency
Principal investigator: Machala, Z.; duration: 2023-2027

New events

April 2024: Post-doc Thomas Vazquez left our group.

March 2024: Post-doc Saeed Kooshki left our group.

February 2024: Short scientific mission of Kasidapa Polprasarn (PhD student from Ecole Polytechnique Paris) in our laboratory.

December 2023: We regret to announce that our colleague and friend Imrich Morva passed away on December 26.

MOvember 2023: Several our team members became MO-brothers, supported by our MO-sisters, aiming to support prostate and testicular cancer research.