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Janda M., Hensel K., Machala Z., Field T. A.: The influence of electric circuit parameters on NOx generation by transient spark discharge, J. Phys. D Appl. Phys. 56, 485202, 18 pp (2023).
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Nitrogen fixation, production of NO and NO2 from N2 and O2 in air, has been investigated with transient spark self-pulsing DC discharges. NO production is boosted by the addition of capacitors and an inductor to the electrical circuit which drives the discharge. The quantity of NO produced per joule of electrical input energy is doubled, though the quantity of NO2 produced drops. The yield of NO is also increased because the modified circuit enables higher discharge currents to be used. NO concentrations as high as 2000 ppm were obtained with input energy densities of around 300 J per litre of input gas, whilst NO2 concentrations were around 150 ppm. This simple modification of the driving circuit may have potential for optimizing the plasma chemistry with other input gas mixtures and for scaling up nitrogen fixation from air.