Lenka Chládeková

MSc. level: 2007 - 2009
Supervisor: Zdenko Machala
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Mechanizmy interakcie plazmy s bunkou
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In the graduation thesis we experimentally investigated biological effects of atmospheric pressure plasma of positive and negative corona and spark discharge generated in ambient air on bacterial cell Salmonella typhimurium and the role of inactivation agents in this process. Biodecontamination effect of discharges on microorganisms is documented by a decrease of the number of surviving cells after exposure and by the parameter of efficiency. The extent of oxidation damage in microorganisms is characterized by an increase in formation of secondary lipid peroxidation products in the membranes of exposed cells via reaction with thiobarbituric acid. We discovered a significant increase in oxidation damage of membrane lipids in cells exposed to the discharges with respect to the control, which demonstrates an important role of radicals in the inactivation process. The experimental results related to the separation of the ultraviolet radiation generated in the plasma refer to its minor role in the used electrical discharges.
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