Veronika Záňová

Bc. level: 2017 - 2018
Supervisor: Zdenko Machala
Title (en):
Effects of plasma activated water on yeast cells (normal and transformed)
Title (sk):
Pôsobenie plazmou aktivovanej vody na bunky kvasiniek (bežné i transformované plazmidmi)
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The focus of this bachelor thesis was to prepare such cell culture that can be used in later experiments, in which we could clarify mechanisms of interaction between plasma activated water (PAW) and eukaryotic organisms. As model organism we used a cell culture of yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae, transformed by plasmid genetic library, while our main goal was to select colonies that will better survive or more precisely, colonies more resistant to the effect of PAW than the original yeast strain. We can use this cell culture in the next investigations of mechanisms, by which cell defends itself from the effect of reactive oxygen or nitrogen species (ROS, RNS). Eventually it will allow us to detect other metabolic pathways, which help cell defence against the activity of plasma. To cover the widest range of possibilities, we used plasmid library that includes various forms of plasmids and not specific plasmids with a known content and verified effectiveness in defence toward the oxidative stress, because that would be just a verification of known principles of plasma effects on eukaryotic cells. The effect of plasma on cell´s survival was evaluated through the %survival, while more resistant colonies are those with higher %survival than the original non-transformed yeast cell culture.
Abstract (sk)