Hana Buchholcerová

Bc. level: 2012 - 2013
Supervisor: Karol Hensel
Title (en):
Biological effects of pulsed electric discharges
Title (sk):
Biologické účinky pulzných elektrických výbojov
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The work investigated the effects of low-temperature non-equilibrium plasma generated by pulsed electric discharge applied to spores deposited on various surfaces. As a model organism sporulating Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus cereus was used. The goal was to optimize the method of sampling of the spores to the surface using an airgun and compare the efficiency of the discharge with respect to the way of sampling (either liquid droplet dripping or liquid spraying by using air gun). We determined the optimal conditions - distance from gun to surface, liquid and gas flow rate and samplinmg time - to obtain uniform layer consisting of small droplets.
Abstract (sk)