Karolína Janíková

Bc. level: 2009 - 2010
Supervisor: Karol Hensel
Title (en):
Physical properties of microdischarges in capillary tubes
Title (sk):
Fyzikálne vlastnosti mikrovýbojov v kapilárach
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The objective of the work was to investigate the physical properties of the discharges generated in capillary tubes in three-electrode system with two power supplies and determine the effect of various parameters (tube length, amplitude of AC and DC voltage, gas composition). We studied the dependence of the amplitude of the current pulses on AC and DC voltages and optical properties (emission intensity profile in direction parallel and perpendicular to the axis of capillary tubes. Among other things, the results showed that: a) for shorter tube smaller voltage is required to obtain the same emission intensity as for longer tubes, b) emission increases with the amplitude of the applied voltages, c) amplitude of the current pulses increases with increasing m AC line voltage almost linearly, ...
Abstract (sk)