Jakub Maslík

Bc. level: 2020 - 2021
Supervisor: Karol Hensel
Title (en):
Plasma candle
Title (sk):
Plazmová svíčka
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This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of generating low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma using a new design of the plasma jet, i.e. plasma candle, its advantages and possible environmental applications together with its use in the medical and biomedical fields. The introductory section of the theoretical part is devoted to plasma as such, its distribution and basic specifications. Following this section, we discuss the generation of plasma using electric discharges. Then a brief overview of plasma jets, the effect of geometry on the generated plasma and their use is described. The last part is dedicated to the plasma candle and the description of the device configuration, the conditions of its ignition, the characteristics of the generated plasma plum and the basic processes taking place during the plasma generation with the specific plasma jet.
Abstract (sk)